Our Self-Written Obituaries – Prabeen Panigrahi, Toronto

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Prabeen Panigrahi, Toronto

The 22nd death.

[Text by Prabeen Panigrahi; photo by Vinit Kumar Ashish]

The shy software engineer, who hailed from Kalahandi in Orissa, ended his journey today thousands of miles away in Toronto, Canada.

No one who knew Prabeen Panigrahi in his student days could have believed that this young man who used to be so afraid to talk to strangers would eventually emerge out of his shell and fly to a foreign land in search of himself.

After finishing his Bachelors from the National Institute of Technology, Bhopal, Mr Panigrahi did his MBA from the University of New Brunswick in eastern Canada.

Leaving behind his family and acquaintances in India, Mr Panigrahi carved out a more truthful life in North America. There he embraced himself and found his dignity. He also found his love — his cute, flamboyant, friendly, witty and loyal boyfriend made him feel beautiful and important.

Mr Panigrahi was not a gay activist, but he lent his sympathetic heart to many troubled people so they could avoid the sufferings that he could not.

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