Our Self-Written Obituaries – Surabhi Sharman, Lajpat Nagar

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Surabhi Sharman, Lajpat Nagar

Plane Crash Kills All People on Board

The 145th death.

[Text by Surabhi Sharman; photos by Kriti Chawla, above, and, below, by Carmen Hamady]

Surabhi Sharman, a 23-year-old young adult was discovered dead in her small apartment in Delhi on May 4.

Ms Sharman was discovered by her friends (who had come to wish her ‘Happy Birthday’) and her landlord (who had come to collect the due rent) in the early hours of the morning. The cause of death remains a mystery, although, close sources believe that she gave herself a disease or two while binge watching the American TV drama Grey’s Anatomy.

Ms Sharman had often expressed her wish to be buried instead of being cremated, since she had always feared fire. Her religious Hindu grandmother refused to comply with her wishes and forced the family to cremate her body. The cremation service was followed by a garden tea-party (it was her birthday, after all!), where her favourite Earl Grey tea was served with cakes specially made for the occasion by The Big Chill Cakery. Seeing her loved ones stuffing cake in their mouth would have indeed made her happy.

Ms Sharman is survived by her dream to become Instagram famous and to fulfill her wish, her friends plan to start a custom hashtag for her.

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Our Self-Written Obituaries – Surabhi Sharman, Lajpat Nagar