City Series – Sonali Pandey in Jabalpur, We the Isolationists (335th Corona Diary)

City Series – Sonali Pandey in Jabalpur, We the Isolationists (335th Corona Diary)

City Series – Aayush Verma in Delhi, We the Isolationists (335th Corona Diary)

Our corona diary.

[Text and photo by Sonali Pandey]

I close my eyes in self isolation from corona… and I see the silence of those early mornings. Silence, like a sea before a raging storm. Mornings have an inevitable silence that tries hard to counter the apprehensiveness that I’ve been holding within me since years. I close my eyes and I see myself drowning in the puddle of questionnaires and myriad of emotions. That how beautiful a wait can be? Is somebody somewhere waiting for me? Why firsts are so special? How beautiful is a girl smiling unintentionally, who’s building castles with a guy?

Is happiness really happy and loneliness, also a loner? Why do broken people have a better understanding? Why suppressing seems easier than expressing? Why do we tend to lose ourselves in order to mingle up in crowd? Why is happiness often shared but not sadness?

How uncertainties have left me puzzled in choices each time. From choosing my favorite color to chocolates to books to alluring dresses and to finally him. I’ve been a girl full of doubts and uncertain of almost anything and everything that involved choices. Choices always bewildered me. But if I need to choose between the silence of mornings and the clamor of nights. I would choose the silence of these mornings and this time I’m certain enough.

“We the Isolationists” series urges folks from any part of the world to share a brief diary starting with “I close my eyes in my self-isolation from Corona… and I see…” Not more than 100 words. With a horizontal-sized selfie, along with your city name… please mail to me at