Bombay 26/11 – Pakistan for Mumbai

The Delhi walla‘s pretension in writing makes me want to lodge a bullet in his balls – Blogger Nimpipi, the woodchuck chucks
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Dateline Bombay – Oh Taj, 27/11

Not all Pakistani hands are stained with the Indian blood.

[Compiled by Mayank Austen Soofi; picture by Arko Datta]

This is a blogsite on Delhi. It should have nothing to do with Bombay or Pakistan. But these are extraordinary times. This is no time to go romantic about Old Delhi bylanes. On the day the siege of the Taj Mahal Hotel ended in Bombay, Aaj Tak, an Indian TV channel, announced that the hands of Pakistanis are now stained with the blood of Indians. I disagree. These are a few of Pakistan’s top bloggers and it seems Mumbai is their heritage, too.

Common war

Mumbai carnage is a tragedy shared by all Pakistanis who are victims of terrorism themselves. The most important thing is not to fall into the trap laid out by forces that want India and Pakistan to be on the warpath. We have to fight it together because all problems and their solutions are shared in common whether we like it not. There is no alternative to cooperation. Voices of sanity must not be drowned by the shrill call for more violence.
Raza Rumi,

Karachi becomes Mumbai

I, too, am a Mumbaikar today. I do not know who did this. Nor can I imagine any cause that would justify this. But this I know: No matter who did this, no matter why, the terror that has been wrought in Mumbai is vile and inhuman and unjustifiable. And, for the sake of our own humanness, we must speak out against it. And, so, to any Mumbaikar who might be listening, I say: “I stand with you today. In prayer and in solidarity.”
Adil Najam,

Crying for Bombay

As a Pakistani I genuinely sit down and pray for the well being of each and every Indian who suffered on 26th November.I hope that you have the courage to rebuild Mumbai from this disaster. Mumbai is bound to rebound and I hope it rebounds to achieve far greater heights then every before. Living in Karachi we too have been through one too many similar disasters and it is the resolve and commitment of the citizens that bring life back into the city. Mumbai I must assure you despite our differences many peace loving Pakistanis have shed a tear with you on the 26th. Our heart bleeds with you. Mumbai we are with you.
Dr Wahab Alvi,

A familiar rage

We feel some of the rage which Indian must be going through. But get it right. In Pakistan we face such problems on a daily basis and tell me how many Indians really feel for our tragedies? Stiill, despite our differences, we are all humans and so we can feel when someone is killed or is dead.
Ameer Hamza,

We know the feeling

Brought up in Karachi during troubled 90s and being in Lahore/Islamabad during the current wave of terror attacks, one can relate to what the Mumbaikars went through. It was terrifying. The Mumbai incident probably surpasses any individual terrorist activity. I just hope that its the end of this kind of experience for the people on the other side of the border, and they don’t go through the continuous and serial attacks that we are going through these days.
Muhammad Ali,