Photo Essay - Fast Food City, McDonald's Delhi

Photo Essay – Fast Food City, McDonald’s Delhi

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The world of McDonald’s.

[Text and pictures by Mayank Austen Soofi]

It’s easy to say why you think a McDonald’s burger is bad. It is unhealthy, fattening and industrial. But then all of Delhi’s traditional food too is fattening. Tell me, except daal chaat, what isn’t made from frying? And unfortunately, in most cases, Delhi’s street dishes are also unhygienic, but let’s not go there.

McDonald has a special connect with Delhi. It’s India head office is in Delhi, in Jorbagh Market. It’s first India outlet opened in 1996 in Basant Lok Market. It has now ‘family restaurants’ in 28 neighbourhoods, including Old Delhi railway station.

What goes right in Mc is difficult to explain. Among the fine diners, it arouses special indignation. The book reading crowd swears by Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal. While the Indian Coffee House intellectuals are simply ideological driven (Big Mc = Big Multinational = Big Monster). But McBurgers are perhaps the only Delhi food that is cheap, non-greasy and clean, an unlikely combination in the city. And aren’t the french fries great? I have seen rickshaw wallas having the Rs 10 softie and Rs 20 burger; as well as students, office-goers and sometimes even the fine-dining types. The McFood has an unprecedented accessibility. Superficially, it promotes equality. A Mc is the same Mc for a rich man as for a poor man. A fair deal.

India’s first McDonald’s, Basant Lok Market

I'm Lovin' It

Three idiots

Yaari Dosti

Go in

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Turn left

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Spot the M

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I, me, Mc

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Cheap lick

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Just ahead

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Stop, order, eat

We're lovin' it

Incredible M

McDonald's Muharram

White ‘n’ red

Connaught Place Under Attack

That’s Red Fort

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Late night meal

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Get a McMaharaja

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Bhelpuri Vs Mc

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We’ve got Mc

Fast Food City

Mc’s law

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Family Treat

It’s everywhere (Mc in Madrid)

Brand Value

Desi M

Desi Burger