City Hangout – The Park, Outside Humayun’s Tomb

City Hangout – The Park, Outside Humayun’s Tomb

Trees of Delhi

A free land.

[Text and photos by Mayank Austen Soofi]

Look. That man standing alone behind that tree. Over there, that gloomy-faced gentleman with his black briefcase… he is looking lost. That young woman, her arms folded. That backpacker with his Lonely Planet India; he seems to be overwhelmed by our country.

The park in front of Humayun’s Tomb complex in central Delhi is a sanctuary of grass, trees and gentle slopes. It offers a feeling of freedom from the city. The sound of the traffic on Mathura Road plays as a soft background score. A double row of trees in one corner of the park shelters an exquisite walking track.

Every afternoon a substantial portion of the garden is taken over by young cricketers but they are unable to disturb its serenity.

In the summer, the blooming Amaltas trees makes this a land of yellow flowers. In the monsoon, small pools of rainwater are formed. Irrespective of the season, you must visit the place in the blue light of evening when the sky turns into a canvass of pink, purple and black. Sit on the grass and watch the sun sinking behind the blue dome of the adjacent Subz Burz monument.

As the evening darkens, each person in the park appears to be a shadow-like copy of the other. You, too, lose your self and become a part of this anonymous humanity. It is moving.

Where Outside Humayun’s Tomb Complex Nearest Metro Station Jangpura Time Sunrise to sunset

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