City Season – The August Dog, Tilak Nagar

Hot, humid and still cool.

[Text and photos by Mayank Austen Soofi]

If it’s August in Delhi, then it has to be insufferably humid and burning. The overcast sky traps the broiling heat and the city becomes a sponge. There’s no breeze in the sticky air, and no reprieve under the trees. For people on the street, it’s like being perpetually in a steam bath. They don’t just bear with the weather, but also have to wear it. Sweat-soaked clothes cling to the skin. Black underarm stains compromise dignity. The absence of an air-conditioner causes utter wretchedness. The body doesn’t cool off even at night.

To makes the month gloomier, major fires erupted in the colonial-era Connaught Place and the Mughal-era Chandni Chowk. The atmospheric Embassy restaurant in Connaught Place’s D-block too was damaged by a fire caused by an electrical short circuit.

It was during one such sweltering afternoon that The Delhi Walla came across a dog lying immersed in a cement tub filled with cool water, next to a public tank in west Delhi’s Tilak Nagar. The placid water reflected the tree leaves overhead. Like a diva, the wet dog seemed unperturbed, untouched and quite composed. He was the only happy child of August.

Like a diva







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  1. This is outstanding and fantastic article. This is a classic example that every thing around us is beautiful and meaningful. Thank you very much for this article.

    1. Sir, are you sure everything around us is meaningful? If you viewed the world closely, you would find that it has no inherent meaning.

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