Our Self-Written Obituaries – Seema Chowdhry, Hauz Khas

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Seema Chowdhry, Hauz Khas

The 31st death.

[Text by Seema Chowdhry; photo by Priyanka Parashar]

Seema Chowdhry left for her final journey on 13 April, a Friday, with the hope that she will finally meet a Yoda, an Avatar, a Spock or any other alien she can connect with. You see she found it hard to bond with humans on this planet.

Don’t confuse this Seema Chowdhry with Seema Chowdhury or Seema Chowdry. The former is a poet from Bangladesh, the latter a local GP based in Ontario, Canada, who gets bad reviews all the time. Ms Chowdhry hated poetry, and detested doctors. Who knows, maybe a poet and a doctor broke her heart once, or twice.

There is a third namesake, or so Google says, who runs a design studio in Ghitorni but Ms Chowdhry was not particularly vitriolic about them designers.

In her last months, Ms Chowdhry had finally decided to give up the idea of writing a film script in favour of a cookbook. Thank God for that. Else we would have had to suffer through a love story of an alien. Meanwhile we hope her daughter, the gorgeous ‘Kiddo’, will be able to locate the precious recipes that her mum so lovingly created for a number of dawats that she enjoyed hosting.

Will she be missed? Perhaps.

Would she want to be missed? We think not.

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