Our Self-Written Obituaries – Vijetha SN, Patel Nagar

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Vijetha SN, Patel Nagar

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Vijetha S.N, Patel Nagar

The 96th death.

[Text by Vijetha SN; photo by Laxmi Narendra]

Vijetha SN, a prolific journalist who wrote about everything from overflowing garbage bins in her neighbourhood to what the debonair Delhiite should be wearing, was found dead in her apartment this morning.

“We got a call at three in the morning by neighbours complaining about loud music from her apartment. We broke open the door and found out her dead in her sleep. She had forgotten to turn the TV off,” said beat constable Patil Kumar, adding that the police were yet to rule out foul-play in light of the evidence that they had gathered, mostly from her personal diary where she had painstakingly described everyone who been mean to her since she was five years old.

She was two months away from turning 30 and was yet to use the word, “I,” in any of her writings, including her unpublished book which has seen the offices of every publishing house in the city.

She leaves behind 70 pairs of shoes, an expensive winter coat, 500 books and a massive collection of bookmarks from around the world.

“She once told me that a whoosh of hot air hit her face the minute she landed in Delhi five years ago. And, she immediately felt it in her bones that she was going to die here,” said her sister from Bangalore where a memorial service is being planned as per instructions from Ms Vijetha’s personal diary.

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