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Our Self-Written Obituaries – The Little Mynah birdie, Ambience Mall

Our Self-Written Obituaries – The Little Mynah birdie, Ambience Mall

The 114th death.

[By the Mynah Birdie]

The little Mynah birdie, an aviator and a soloist who often sang self-composed impromptu compositions to varied people of Delhi, died on March 8 on the concrete floor at Gurgaon’s Ambience mall.

The cause was a physical phenomenon called “short circuit”, which is the flow of current on the path of least resistance.

Apart from singing for the common masses, the birdie liked to display his big ruffled breast feathers to strangers tottering in the mall. Last time it even pecked at a pair of shiny brown patent leather shoes of a Proust-carrying gentleman.

According to Pawan Kumar, the bhelpoori vendor near the mall’s gate, the birdie came between two current carrying wires high above the shopping complex’s concrete ground, which led to a mini explosion and smell of melted keratin. His carefully pruned feathers, which he picked at in leisurely time, got soiled. His right leg blew off and the left claw became gradually tensed. There came a little squeak out of his tiny voice box before he finally closed his eyes. That was his last song.

Mynahs are not sexually dimorphic and the birdie is survived solely by the last person who heard his song. It said: “Twit tee whoo”.

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