Our Self-Written Obituaries – Julia Julley's Butterfly, Varna, Bulgaria

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Julia Julley’s Butterfly, Varna, Bulgaria

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Julia Julley's Butterfly, Varna, Bulgaria

The 244th death.

[Text and photo sent by Julia Julley]

Nymph in yellow. She lived among flowers and died among flowers.

She clearly remembered her past life as a Cinderella – crawling around in an uncomely green rag. Then came the warm embrace of the Magic Pod, which turned her into the Princess she gladly identified with. She chose the colour of her new garb after the Sun, the most mighty and fascinating of all living beings. The rest of her new life was all meadows and fields and grasslands, but most of all flowers. A sequence of endless frolicking, riding the winds and basking in the sunshine. She lived in an era when it was impossible to tell apart a fairy from a butterfly or a nymph. So you had to make an acquaintance and beguile her into revealing her story.

I had the honour of knowing her.

I found the butterfly in my fridge; she must have ended there with some garden greens. I did my best to resuscitate her, giving her reiki, water and some flowers to feed on. She lived for about five days, fluttering around though she did not fly again. I also had the daunting task to keep her safe from my cat. She was a wonderful being and I felt I owe it to her to write an obituary. She was loved.

Our Self-Written Obituaries invites people to write their obituary in 200 words. The idea is to share with the world how you will like to be remembered after you are gone. (May you live a long life, of course!) Please mail me your self-obit at mayankaustensoofi@gmail.com.