City Hangout - Best Monsoon View, Gurgaon

City Hangout – Best Monsoon View, Gurgaon

City Hangout - Best Monsoon View, Gurgaon

Rainy season’s purple prose.

[Text and photo by Mayank Austen Soofi]

Can anyone get tired of seeing the monsoon from the same place again and again, if the view happens to be among the most beautiful in the entire Delhi region?

As rains hit the capital, and the monsoon season inches closer, high time to go back to a beloved Gurgaon rain-spot. The panorama is half-made by our city’s builders, and the other half is courtesy of the nature. See photo: here’s how the rainy season looks like each year from our recommended GPS.

In the decisive instant this scene was snapped, the otherwise smoggy Gurgawa sky was stained in profound shades, resembling the Normandy sky of an impressionist painter’s canvas. While the vicinity’s darkened high-rises were trying to reach close to the enigma of the grainy facades of Rouen’s cathedral, as painted in 30+ versions by the great Normandy painter Claude Monet.

A deeply satisfying place to enjoy the rains, the spot is easily accessible from all parts of Delhi-NCR. You just have to board a series of metros to reach here—for this place too is a metro station, comprising a portion of the windswept interiors of the Sector 53-54 station on the Rapid Metro line. Come any rainy evening, when the humbled sun, partially closeted by the clouds, is starting to set. A collusion of twilight hues and rain-pregnant clouds slowly produces a magical display of multi-coloured brush strokes. The cloud-free parts of the sky gets swathed in pinks and blues. Some bits show up in purple and red. The grey of the clouds too acquire a mystical tinge.

The best vantage points to view this extraordinary artwork within the vast metro station are the tiny balcony-like spaces overlooking the Golf Course Road. The fashionable avenue is lined with office towers, shopping malls and residential high-rises (with some of the drawing-rooms in them starkly visible from the station’s exit escalators). As the evening strolls onwards to embrace the night, the sky records the fateful journey by continually changing its multifarious shades. And no matter what deadlines you might have to take care of, please do not depart before watching a metro train approach the station. The entire panorama then turns into museum-grade art depicting a futuristic World Class City. The moment is pure magic-realism.