Delhi's Proust Questionnaire - Aarti Talwar, Somewhere in Delhi

Delhi’s Proust Questionnaire – Aarti Talwar, Somewhere in Delhi

Delhi's Proust Questionnaire - Aarti Talwar, Somewhere in Delhi

The parlour confession.

[By Mayank Austen Soofi]

Besides having a day-job in the corporate world, Aarti Talwar is the co-founder of The Dandelion Collective, a book club that completes a year this October. She agreed to become a part of our Proust Questionnaire series in which citizens are nudged to make “Parisian parlour confessions”, all to explore our distinct experiences.

Your chief characteristic.
I am a reader and by virtue of that, a thinker.

Your favorite qualities in a man.
The ability to take a no without being offended.

Your favorite qualities in a woman.

What do you appreciate the most in your friends?
The fact that they are drama-less!

Your main fault.
My only fault has been looking back to bad times and holding on to the feelings associated.

Your idea of happiness.
Being peaceful or working towards it. When I’m not peaceful, I’m paying attention to my feelings and what they are trying to tell me – that makes me happy.

Your idea of misery.
When I’m unable to ask for help, feeling helpless. Feeling helpless in the past has been my biggest misfortune, but I am changing that.

Where would you like to live?
In a big house in front of a lake with lots of windows, cats and a huge study with lots of books.

Your favorite heroines in fiction.
Alice in Alice in Wonderland, Elizabeth in Oh! William, Cleopatra in Cleopatra and Frankenstein, Circe in Circe, Lady Jessica in Dune, Jo March in Little Women.

Your favorite names.
Meera, Pia, Tina – short and sweet.

The military event you admire the most.
Surgical Strikes (2016)

The natural talent you’d like to be gifted with.
A passion for activity and living an active lifestyle.

Faults for which you have the most tolerance.
A lack of self- confidence.

Your motto in life.
The truth liberates. If you want to be free, be free of your old mindset and see where that takes you. I also believe everyone has something to teach you. I met many people on solo trips who taught me very unique lessons.