City Vox Popili - A Life in Jasmine's Day, Batala, Punjab

City Vox Popili – A Life in Jasmine’s Day, Batala, Punjab

City Vox Popili - A Life in Jasmine's Day, Batala, Punjab

As part of The Delhi Walla series asking citizens to “write down everything you did in one day.” Send yours in 400 words max to

[Photo by Jasmine Dhaliwal]

[By Jasmine Dhaliwal, a doctor]

This morning when I got up, I had a lump in the throat and a load of needless thoughts weighing down the heart.

But as soon as I found a peaceful spot to shed a few tears, a call came from the hospital about an emergency patient. Thus ended the process of self-imaginary healing by dripping some tears.

-Once free from the patient, called up daughter who was stressed out as she had her finals.

-One of the cars had to be sent to the service station as its engine had died out due to leakage of coolant.

-Now have to go to the SDO’s office before going to the hospital to sort out the over-billing of the units and some other errors.

-Got late to the OPD and was welcomed by some angry, some anxious, but mostly relieved stares of patients!

-Remembered that I have to give a sample for Hepatitis B, as despite taking the best possible precautions, I got in contact with the amniotic fluid of a Hepatitis B patient.

-After lunch I thought of having a little rest and ponder over the pent-up feelings, but suddenly the siesta is broken by the ruckus created by the younger one who was playing with the dogs and broke a vase.

Evening is here and that lump still remains in the throat.

-Got the call from the daughter that her exam went well that she istotally satisfied with her performance.

-The result of the Hepatitis B test came negative. Sigh!

-Got a group call from brothers in the US. They patiently heard my banter of problems, suggested a few solutions, laughed away at others for which they had no solution.

-Got a message from another friend, who sent a list of soulful songs to listen to before sleeping.

Thus ends the day. The tears can wait for now!