The Delhi Walla Books – Enjoying a Long Life

The Delhi Walla Books – Enjoying a Long Life

The Delhi Walla Spotting

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[By Mayank Austen Soofi]

A cat has nine lives. The Delhi Walla books – all four of them – are enjoying the same fate.

Published by HarperCollins India in 2010, the books were widely considered to be mere guidebooks. Most Indian newspapers found them too insignificant to feature in their review sections. Delhi-centric magazines like Time Out Delhi and First City ignored the books. Hindustan Times was kind to take note of them, but the daily disposed off the four books in four brief sentences.

It is 2012. The books are still selling well. And they are popping up in more thoughtful journals. The January issue of The Book Review, India’s most prestigious literary journal, devoted an impressive portion of its precious real estate on The Delhi Walla books.

In March 2012, a US-based author informed me that she has included one of the books in her writing class (more on it later).

In case if you live outside India, two of the books are available on

The Delhi Walla – Portraits

The Delhi Walla – Food + Drink

If you are in India and you don’t find the copies in your neighbourhood bookstore, you can order them from

Being the author and photographer of The Delhi Walla books, I cannot comment on them as an impartial critic. But sometimes when I imagine myself as a person who is curious about the dynamics of a big city (any big city), I think, I would like to make these four books a part of my library.

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The Delhi Walla Books – Enjoying a Long Life

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