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Delhi’s Bandaged Heart – The Girl in the Bus, Munirika

Delhi’s Bandaged Moments – Prime Time Rape, Munirika

Poetry in the city.

This poem is by The Delhi Walla.

Which movie did she see on Sunday evening?

In Jantar Mantar.
To a fellow Delhiwalla,
‘Sir, are you for or against rape?’

Newspapers say she was returning home after watching a film in Select Citywalk,
She was with a friend.

Cutting across party lines,
Members of our Parliament sound self-righteous.

Did she have a cappuccino in the multiplex?
Popcorns or nachos?

Extraordinary outrage of our TV news anchors,
As if a metal rod was never before forced into a living body,
In Kashmir, Manipur, Gujarat and Chattisgarh.


Special campaigns launched by our newspapers,
To unite India against rape.
(Helps in the branding,
Makes a connection with the readership.)

A physiotherapy student,
Basically from UP.

Media reached in time at India Gate last night,
To cover the candle-light protest.

The newspapers call her a hero,
But she was just one of us.

Safdarjung Hospital.
Intestines, severely damaged,
Doctors say.
Next 48 hours are critical.

A TV channel ticker:
‘What’s the solution? Write to us, call us.’

Now, morning,
What is her mummy thinking?

Times of India on December 28:
Vital signs deteriorate with severe organ failure

About 10 pm, December 16,
A white bus (with tinted windows) stops at Munirika,
Close to where she is standing,
Waiting for a bus.

As part of the series Delhi’s Bandaged Moments, The Delhi Walla is searching for poets in the city. If you are one, please contact me at

4 thoughts on “Delhi’s Bandaged Heart – The Girl in the Bus, Munirika

  1. Changing people’s attitude and mentality towards women will take a long time – at least a generation..or longer..

  2. Hi Mayank,

    I have been following your blog since my college days. But the tone of your subject seems that you are referring to her as one of us.. However how many of us will be able to actually tolerate 5 to 7 major body organ operations and still survive for 10 days … She was one superlative .. not just one of us.

    But I do understand your emotions where you do intend to talk about the bigger picture of female status and how she was one among the many fighters / survivors.


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