Our Self-Written Obituaries – Siddhartha Gigoo, Mount Kaylasaa

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Siddhartha Gigoo, Mount Kaylasaa

The 16th death.

[Text by Siddhartha Gigoo; photo by Vinod Veerakumar]

On a hot July day last year, Siddhartha Gigoo went to attend a concert by Dr Yama Reaper (Phd, D.Litt), the famous violinist from Naraka, who had come to perform for a select audience at Aakhrighata, a sanatorium on the foothills of the Mount Kaylasaa. It had been Mr Gigoo’s dream to attend the maestro’s concert ever since he had started playing the flute. He didn’t have a ticket to the concert, yet he travelled, hoping to either gate crash or sit outside the gates of the sanatorium and listen to the music, in case he was denied entry by the guards.

The maestro’s melodious renditions were known to make even the hands of the clocks stop. She was the best violinist in the entire world and people came from distant lands to attend her concerts. Upon reaching the sanatorium, Mr Gigoo sent a text message confirming his safe arrival at the venue. A day later, he even sent a postcard on which he had scribbled two lines: “The concert was mesmerizing. I’ve copied a tune from her composition, and am already practicing it.”

It has been a year and there has been no news of Mr Gigoo. It is possible that he persuaded the maestro to let him accompany her on her onward tours.

Biographical detail
The deceased was the author of two books, The Garden of Solitude (2011) and A Fistful of Earth and Other Stories (2015). He also wrote and directed two short films, The Last Day and Goodbye, Mayfly.

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