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Our Self-Written Obituaries – Pupps Roy, Kailash Colony

The 37th death.

[Text by Pupps Roy; photo by Unknown]

Seize the day. Indeed, the phrase “carpe diem” was coined for Pupps Roy, a migrant who came to New Delhi with steely determination and went on to climb the pinnacle of its high society.

Mr Roy made many friends, as well as many enemies in the capital’s exclusive circle of fashionable people. He was widely admired for effortlessly juggling his time between two married lovers (famous page-3 names by the way).

However, when Mr Roy breathed his last, he was in the middle of making love to some other man.

According to the anonymous person he was with, Mr Roy was moaning softly at the moment of his ejaculation from the world. Two empty bottles of Mouton Cadet were found under the bed.

A prayer ceremony will be held on Sunday in a private apartment in Defense Colony. Drinks will be served. A band will play the score of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker, Mr Roy’s favorite ballet.

Our Self-Written Obituaries invites people to write their obituary in 200 words. The idea is to share with the world how you will like to be remembered after you are gone. (May you live a long life, of course!) Please mail me your self-obit at

11 thoughts on “Our Self-Written Obituaries – Pupps Roy, Kailash Colony

  1. I congratulate you for not dropping any names. Were they able to ascertain the cause of death? I’m curious.

    P.S. The last time I checked, it was ‘defence’ with a ‘c’.

    1. Naushirvan..well my heart just stopped beating after an awesome making out. Maybe it was a cardiac arrest. I purposely didnt put the cause. Some things are just to be understood and felt without mentioning.

      Yes defenCe is right but many in house addresses I saw defenSe so I chose that. I know its wrong but I wanted it to sound little different. Thanks for reading

  2. lolz … Mr Roy, this made me laugh for a long time …

    @”Mr Roy was moaning softly at the moment of his ejaculation from the world”

  3. @MAS:

    Thanks for including good number of gays. Now find some lesbians too. Please practice gender empowerment and egalitarianism even while respecting all the sexual orientations.

    You are doing a great job by making GLBT mainstream. I support the rights of all my GLBT friends. More awareness is needed. Take this from a bigoted former homophobe i.e. myself.

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