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Our Self-Written Obituaries – Neha Sharma, Dwarka, Delhi

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Neha Sharma, Dwarka, Delhi

The 132nd death.

[Text by Neha Sharma; photo by Mayank Austen Soofi]

There were just two things Neha Sharma was sure about in life. One–she could eat pancakes everyday for every meal. Second–someday, she would be one of the oldest people alive. The first was obvious to her friends, when she, who could not even make a decent cup of tea, doled out pancakes (with a generous helping of butter and nutella) like a dream. She realised the second thing the day she had a bad accident. The brakes of the auto-rickshaw she was travelling in failed and it hit a bus. The auto was broken, the driver injured, but she escaped without a scratch.

That she was in love with a man who could front rescue operations and was trained in hand-to-hand combat further assured her that she was safe from any tough situation or calamity.

But little did Ms Sharma know that it was her love for pancakes that would lead her to her death, and that no one would be able to rescue her from this addiction. Ms Sharma tried to stuff her face with pancake after pancake, even as her husband tried to tell her to go slow. Ms Sharma, 103, choked and died of overeating with nutella dripping from her mouth.

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