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Our Self-Written Obituaries – Anna Shipilova , Small Town in South Karnataka

The 61st death.

[Text by Anna Shipilova; photo by Tatyana Shipilova]

Anna Shipilova retreated today for her heavenly abode on a cat-mobile. For she was a cat. Disguised as a human.

She died after having downed a glass of dubious red wine, which is the only type that can be procured in the smallest of small towns in southern Karnataka.

Like all small towns where everyone knows everyone else, this one too has its secrets. Maybe Ms Shipilova knew too much. She was very observant on her midnight prowls, or perhaps it was the wine.

Ms Shipilova was a lover of morning runs (on her hind paws), hysterical realism and brown mice. She was looking after her dog Captain Barbossa, who was recovering from an abscess of the lower jaw for the last fortnight, at the time of her death.

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